(again, we make no medical claims for any device)

The PERSONAL EMF JAMMER: John Williams' extensive researches into EM weaponry and harassing devices (and Radionics) - including on-site investigations of actual cases - have resulted in a high level of understanding and insights into EM weaponry and countermeasures. The technology for powerful and invisible EM attacks clearly exists - attacks aimed at harassing, controlling, crippling, and "poisoning"! Do you hear:

The PEMFJ sends out strings of pulses designed to jam offending EM transmitters, surveillance devices, microwave controllers, et al - even the newest EM devices. Worn or carried on or near the body. Portable and powerful. Since the bandwidth that harmful EMFs can occupy is enormous, it is usually very helpful to be able to determine where in this enormous electromagnetic spectrum lies the signals harmful to you. Therefore, you might first consider as a Special Projects the purchase of a signal strength scanner device so that you can catch the offending signals red-handed, detect their frequency(ies) and include those details in with your PEMFJ-type Special Projects. [2 lb], was \\$........

The UNKNOWN & UNSEEN ENTITY DETECTOR: Yet another one of my all time most exciting and incredible devices! Concerned about nearby unknown and unseen people or animals, or spirits or ghosts which can disturb the ambient static electric field? Detect them with the U&UED! The U&UED is an ultra-sensitive device which will detect the presence or nearness of virtually anything which produces or disturbs this omnipresent static field. Static field disturbances are not normally detectable with the human senses alone (some animals are very sensitive to the static field). Worried that someone is hiding in your home, business or vehicle? Or some feral animal is laying in wait to surprise and attack you? Let the U&UED help to detect and warn you! With Sensitivity Adjustment to boost dynamic range. (NOTE: for optimum performance, the environment should be less than about 50% Relative Humidity; the U&UED may perform erratically or poorly above 50% RH because high humidity tends to dissipate all ambient static charges). The U&UED is the same type of device used by many paranormal researchers. [2 lb], was \\$........

SCANNERS - The DEVICE! (NA): Ever want to forcibly, yet secretly, project YOUR THOUGHTS into other people and-or animals as an overpowering EM signal? After years of secret experimentation, John Williams developed Scanners - The Device! The ultra-high gain, ultra-low noise and distortion brainwave (and other biologic signal) amplifier coupled to a powerful and effective, yet highly directional, EM transmitter is an absolute must for all serious students and practitioners of Psychic or Mind Control Lab, Weaponry and Countermeasure applications. Range is about 50 feet. Can be attached to a helmet or hat or on/inside clothes, carried in the hand, or concealed inside or behind any nonmetallic object less than about 6" thick. The SD is so controversial, we simply can no longer make it for the general public! [2 lb], was \\$........ HISTORICAL DIAGRAMs only: $........

The ULTIMATE WEAPONS & LAB DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM: The UW&LDS is a very powerful, effective, highly directional and totally quiet system used in theoretical and applied research into EM weaponry and psychological and physiological manifestations (eg: behavioral modification and mind control). The UW&LDS uses programmable modulated GHz waveforms. Hand-held and portable. Range exceeds 1 KM. User manual includes operation details, insights and tips. The UW&LDS is a complete EM weapons/lab device experimental development system. [12 lb], was \\$........ CAUTION: The UW&LDS can produce boresight waveforms that are extremely dangerous - and again, buyer assumes all liability for its use and abuse!